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the joy in sadness

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2020

We are so very happy that Alex found such a wonderful home who will love and cherish every cell of his being. And we are so very sad that he is no longer here.

With Alex we made a deep connection, we united together in his darkest hours and we were able to watch his light rekindle here.

Love is not an airy fairy thing, it is demonstrated visible actions, reactions and even sometimes inactions. All geared towards one single thing, providing the space, the place, the whatevers that are needed for animals like Alex to find themselves again. It takes an emotional commitment to put everything regarding their well being to the forefront of everything.

In a nutshell..that's true love, when someone elses happiness and wellbeing, is more important than anything.

And here is something deeply personal about rescue that most folks don't know. When we lose one of our animals to death it hurts, it's sad, sometimes it breaks our hearts. But it is also a natural part of life, it ends, eventually for all of us, no one is immune.

But when one of our animals is adopted, or permanently fostered, we suffer a heart wrenching loss too. We step aside, stick our love into our back pockets and watch as they walk away from us into a much, much better world. We each cannot count how many animals we so deeply loved, and then left us for a far greater life. And when they go, we stay behind and for awhile feel empty because someone we loved is no longer here.

Until the next one comes in to fill the hole of loss with deep love once again.

And we are Thankful for every moment of love and loss, and love and loss to come.

All families are sad when a much loved member moves on in their life, and all families are happy when one of them finds the homes of their dreams.

Have the best life ever Alex, we love you and will never forget you.



I am so happy for Alexthanks Carol and everyone else who helped a broken little dog when he arrived at Saints find his way so that he could eventually find a loving homebeautiful post as always.