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When a new dog comes in....

Carol  ·  Mar. 12, 2021

When new animals come in there is a journey they have to undergo. It is the journey that leaves one life behind and steps into the one before them. Today we welcome Mouse, a much loved dog whose best friend and partner has become ill and can no longer look after her. Mouse is at the crossroads, looking thru the gate for her friend to find her and looking over her shoulder at the friends waiting to help her. She will eventually choose the ones that are here. Their kindness and compassion and respect for her grieving, bewilderment and uncertainty are apparent to her. Mouse knows she is safe here but this is not yet home and that is what she longs for.

There are so many broken hearts in rescue. The broken hearts of much loved pets who have suffered the loss of their family and home. There is also the broken hearts of those families who have no choice but to find a safe and caring place for these animals to go.

Then there are our own broken hearts that grieve for the losses of both.

And all I can say to all of us is believe that this will get better, the sun will shine again and as always hope floats because broken hearts do have the ability to mend..

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Jennie Mortidon

Mouse you look like you are in your twilight years, these are the golden years and all of Saints will help you adjust to the new normal, XX💚❤️

chuck & Darlene

How much does Mouse weigh......We have been looking for a dog between 45-70 lbs approx....

Kathleen/Danny Pictin

We have two Holden’s in our life and are looking for another dog. How do we get more information on Mouse? She looks lovely.