Captain Mouse's Story

Sheila  ·  May 19, 2021

Mouse came to us as recently as mid-March this year. Mouse’s story is uniquely her own but also universal in the SAINTS world. Her person was hospitalized with a prognosis that he would not be leaving the hospital. His son took Mouse home while he looked for a solution. His landlord gave him a week to find that solution. The son could not bring himself to euthanize as, despite Mouse being 13 years old she didn’t seem to have any old dog medical issues. He was absolutely heartbroken having to surrender her to SAINTS.


What is universal about Mouse’s story is that we have always noticed when a new resident comes to SAINTS that has been deeply loved it is hard to convince them that have landed at heaven’s door. Like all sentient beings she misses those that she had a long term relationship with and loved her. The staff believes she has come to terms with being at SAINTS and hope she is happy because they understand she misses her person. She is trying to figure out how to belong again. She is a sweet girl that gets along with everyone, loves sunbathing, and her favorite resting position is her head and a humans hands.

Mouse outside

Mouse does have some medical issues (the downside of aging). She has neurological issues causing weakness that is untreatable. It manifests by sometimes having her back paws curl under while walking and has muscle waste occurring. Mouse takes arthritis pain control and is still being treated for a bacterial skin infection that is almost cleared up. She also has recurring ear infections and has a slight laryngeal paralysis, which makes her voice hoarse.

Mouse in a bed

And to the end this story Mouse is showing her resilience and ability to adjust because she guards her food from new resident WangWang. That shows ownership and a little bit of an attitude.


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