Captain Dixie's Story

Sheila  ·  May 30, 2021

The horse race industry uses a word called “wastage” that refers to all losses occurring at any stage in breeding, growth, training and racing of a racehorse. Wastage included all losses in breeding, deaths at any stage, lost training days, un-raced horses and retirement. It is an interesting word because “wastage” also means “the action or process of losing or destroying something, using it carelessly or extravagantly also the “wastage of natural resources”


At seven years of age Dixie was considered “wastage”. Red Star Dixie is standard bred horse. She won a fair amount of money for her owner on the track, before she experienced a spiral fracture so the decision was made to breed her, hoping to get another good trotting horse out of her before sending her to auction. At the last minute Dixie’s owner decided to ask SAINTS to take her instead. Here is what was written about Dixie when she came into SAINTS care 10 years ago “She is beautiful, loves apples, and dreams of being able to freely graze in a field of grass”. April 2021 Dixie celebrated her 10 year anniversary living at SAINTS and is surely the longest resident of the shelter. She is lucky that 10 years later she has a life many horses can only dream of. Ten years later Dixie is still a frisky but kind girl. She receives apples, a field to graze in, companionship and most of all acceptance and love.

Dixie Field

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Dixe and Volunteer

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