Today is Giving Tuesday

Sheila  ·  Nov. 30, 2021

Today is #givingtuesday and in an effort to draw attention to our charity we thought we would tell the story of Marin and a bit about her sponsor.

Marin came to SAINTS over 7 years ago in May 2014. She was a stray running loose for weeks with her sibling. Unfortunately the AC officers could not catch them until they dropped from exhaustion…Marin was captured but, tragically, her sibling was found dead. The shelter had her in an experienced foster home for a month but she did not acclimatize to people in that month and Marin found her way to SAINTS.

Fast forward to today, and Marin has decided that SAINTS is her very special forever home. Here she has learned to open up a little bit and accept gentle affection (and treats!) from those whom she knows and trusts. She loves to spend her days in the big sun room with some of the other small dogs.

Marin’s monthly sponsor Michelle reached out to us last month with an offer to do a matching campaign of up to $2500. We thought what better date than #givingtuesday to promote her generous offer.

In her own words here is why Michelle donates monthly to SAINTS and why she picked Marin. “So for my 40th birthday, I decided to give myself the gift of SAINTS monthly sponsorship. At that time, I decided to sponsor Max, the paraplegic King Charles spaniel. I sponsored him for a few years until he got a permanent home. ❤️

At the time, I wanted to continue monthly sponsorship for such a good organization, so I looked at the dogs that were at SAINTS at that time. Marin’s story of being a stray touched me. She had been through so much, and lost her dog friend in the process. She needed special love and care, and I was so glad SAINTS provided her what she needed. Also, she is very cute lol 😊”

Please think of Marin and her buddies at SAINTS tomorrow. She and all the other saintly crew thank you.

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