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SAINTS Blog - February 21st 2024

Nathan  ·  Feb. 21, 2024

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This first Blog created was split into 3 sections, this is the next
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section is released, the blog will be updated Bi-weekly.

We want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support of SAINTS and for the invaluable assistance provided to both our little and big Saints! To enhance communication and engage our volunteers and supporters, I've decided to start providing bi-weekly updates through our social media channels and blog. This will keep you, our cherished supporters, informed about the latest happenings at SAINTS and with our beloved animals.

Moving forward, our posts/blog will cover a variety of topics and in rotation, dogs, cats, horses, barn animals, and small animals etc.

Firstly, we are thrilled to announce that we are going to put SAINTS current location up for sale as we are going to purchase a property with more opportunities for SAINTS to grow and develop. We will be renting back when we sell, to give us plenty of time to find a new property. While we're currently in the initial stages and haven't yet identified a specific property, we're exploring potential locations in Mission, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, or Langley. Our primary considerations are finding a location that meets our needs and fits within our budget. However, we want to reassure everyone that any move is still some time away, likely within the next 1-2 years. So no need to panic.

On a somber note, we would like to extend our deepest condolences upon hearing the sad news of the passing of Kate Lennan, the previous Manager of SAINTS. Kate's untimely departure has left us all saddened, as she dedicated herself to ensuring the welfare of animals throughout her life. Our thoughts are with her loved ones and family during this difficult time. We are planning on have a memorial with volunteers and staff etc in the spring/summer at SAINTS.


We currently have five small dogs: Katie, Poe, Tinkerbell, Smudge, and Chichi. It's wonderful to see them all getting along so well! Katie already has a prospective adopter lined up. Poe is currently undergoing treatment for some skin issues under the guidance of our veterinarian. Given Poe's palliative condition, our focus is on ensuring his comfort and quality of life as much as possible. Meanwhile, Tinkerbell will not be available for fostering or adoption until after Poe has passed. They share a deep bond, and during Poe's remaining time with us, we want him to have a constant companion by his side. Throughout the years, Poe has witnessed the comings and goings of his furry friends and has consistently shown kindness to newcomers. In light of this, we've made the decision to ensure he has a steadfast companion until the end.

Our newest additions, Smudge and Chichi, have seamlessly integrated into the pack alongside Katie, Poe, and Tinkerbell! Chichi is currently undergoing treatment for mouth and bladder infections, while Smudge requires dental care and is showing early signs of renal issues. Smudge may become available for fostering in the future.

Duke recently visited a specialist regarding his leg issues. Unfortunately, the brace we acquired for his front leg hasn't offered the desired support. As a result, we've decided against proceeding with his hind leg surgery (for a torn cruciate) since his front leg wouldn't be able to support it. Despite this setback, Duke has settled in wonderfully at SAINTS and has formed a close bond with Bentley! It seems Duke may not have had many previous interactions with other dogs, as he initially seemed unsure about meeting them. Bentley, who initially struggled with anxiety and excessive chewing upon arrival at SAINTS, has since acclimated well and ceased chewing altogether. Both dogs have been a source of support and growth for each other. Throughout the day, Duke and Bentley take turns with Wang to enjoy the kitchen/office area.

Wang has undergone a lot of changes in the last few months. He was originally living with Hannah; however, they were separated because Wang would pick on her for no apparent reason. We had a dog behaviorist come in to check on Wang and discovered that he is more of a human's dog than a dog's dog. A separate fence with black mesh was built out front so Wang could enjoy being outside at the same time as other dogs, allowing more outdoor time for all dogs! As we all know, Wang loves to be outside, especially if there is a sun ray!

Wang's behavior has changed towards strangers with positive reassurance. He hardly barks at strangers now and brings them all his ball, as we know his favorite thing to do is play. His arthritis is progressing, and we are trying different methods to ensure that he is comfortable, including different medications and laser therapy to soothe his arthritis. He also ensures that Nathan takes breaks from time to time to play with him, with a nudge or a ball being dropped into his lap while he is on the computer.

Wang just went to see the vet as he has been limping recently, to discover that both of his hind legs' cruciate ligaments have worn away. Management is currently discussing the next best steps for him, but possible surgery may cost over $6000 and 6 weeks down time per leg! We will need volunteers to come spend extra time with him to keep him happy, as he will not be able to play fetch or go for runs.

Hannah has transitioned to living with Vera and Nadia, and it seems to have gone well. Hannah appears to be happier with this living arrangement. She went to see a specialist about her urinary incontinence to discuss any options to alleviate this issue. After the examination, it was discovered that she has no urethra and deformed kidneys. Unfortunately, there is nothing else to be done for Hannah regarding this issue. We will take it day by day; currently, she is loving life and is a delight! We expect and hope to have Hannah around for a long while!

Vera and Nadia, our shy Northern girls, are doing great. Nadia had to undergo surgery on her ears, from which she is currently recovering. Both have shown some improvement in becoming more comfortable with strangers. They do not run away immediately now. It's one step at a time for these shy girls!

Our next Blog post will be on our cats, stay tuned!


Elizabeth Kilback

Thank you Nathan for such an informative blog. And taking the time out of your busy day to write this. These pups are all very special as are all the animals at Saints but its so good to know exactly whats going on in their life.

M.Gaetan Rutherford

I appreciate the update blog especially when there is so much happening with Saints. Good luck with the search for a new home!

Jamie Bryk

Thank you for the blog update Nathan, looking forward to reading more 😊

Wendy R

Woohoo!!!! Happy to see this blog revived, and looking forward to the biweekly digests! Thank you for taking the time to keep us all updated, Nathan.