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Saints Blog - March 22nd 2024

Nathan  ·  Mar. 22, 2024

Wang's Road to Recovery

Wang, one of our beloved furry companions, has undergone surgery and is now in the recovery phase. While it will take a few weeks before he's back to playing ball and enjoying fetch, we encourage volunteers to spend time with him during this period to boost his spirits.

Welcoming Hannah to the Pack

Exciting news as Duke and Bentley welcome a addition, Hannah, into their midst. Hannah, known for her sweet nature, used to reside with Wang but faced some challenges with being pushed around by Wang. She then lived with Vera and Nadia and we have notice Vera is starting to do the same to her as well. We're optimistic about her integration into the group, especially considering Duke and Bentley's calm submissive behaviour with other dogs.

Updates on Vera and Nadia

Vera and Nadia are making progress towards being moved into the sunroom at Saints. This transition aims to expose them to more stimuli, aiding in overcoming their shyness. Once settled, their previous room will be repurposed for our feline friends, providing more space for our diabetic cats. This is not for certain yet, but we hope they will accept the transition.

New Intakes and Concerns

In cat news, we've welcomed a few new additions, including the shy Ragdoll named Zachary. Additionally, Edgar, a rooster, has completed his isolation period and will be introduced to a foster family to assess compatibility. Rupert has been slowing down and has another vet appointment booked to see if anything else is bugging him, or to increase his Pain medication.

Simon's Road to Recovery

Simon, one of our cats, has faced health challenges recently, exacerbated by a flu outbreak. Despite multiple issues, including cancer, Simon has shown resilience with the help of steroids. While his time with us may be limited, our priority is to ensure his happiness and comfort.

Exciting Events Ahead

Our Amazing Race featuring candidates Wang, Victor, Wren, and Peppa is underway, so don't forget to cast your vote! https://petfundr.com/ARWren202...

Also save the date for our upcoming Gala, "Fur 'n' Feather," themed denim and diamonds, on June 1st.


Additionally, plans are underway for an Open House, aiming for around June. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to support our shelter and its residents!


Janet Bornhauser

Love these updates! Thx so so much to all of you that work and volunteer at SAINTS.