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Saints Blog - May 15th 2024

Nathan  ·  May 15, 2024

These past few months have been quite the journey. The sale of our property felt like a significant victory, but now the clock is ticking to find a new location better suited to caring for our animals in their final days. However, amidst this progress, we've also faced losses – saying goodbye to cherished animals who have reached the end of their journey with us.

Lately, it seems we've encountered more farewells than usual, a natural aspect of our work at Saints. The rhythm of our sanctuary means that some months are marked by heavier losses than others. As our animals age, confronting increasing complex medical hurdles, parting ways with them weighs heavily on our hearts.

We strive to accommodate as many animals as possible, but we face growing demands to accept older and medically challenged ones. However, we're limited by the size of our facilities and the availability of funding.

Additionally, our charity donations have seen a decline in the past couple of months, prompting us to question why. Could it be the rise in taxes or the increasing costs of groceries? It's probably a combination of a few factors. These financial challenges affect us all, even in our small corner of the world. Despite this, we're grateful to have met our fundraising goal for the Amazing Race, allowing us to start looking to replace our aging van.

Our Fur 'n' Feather Gala June 1st is another crucial fundraising event. Unfortunately, ticket sales have been lower than usual, sparking concerns about the donation decrease to Saints. Is this a sign of a new normal, with reduced incoming funds? It's a worrying thought, especially considering the rising costs of living that many people face.

However, if you've been following our journey, you understand the vital work we do and how easily it can be overlooked. While elderly people often receive personal or governmental care, our animal friends often rely on family, friends, or specialized sanctuaries such as ourselves to provide medical and hospice care, which in itself is a costly undertaking.

I know times are tough for many, but even a small monthly donation of just one dollar to a charity close to your heart can make a world of difference to them. Or by attending events hosted by the charity. It doesn't have to be Saints; any organization that holds special meaning to you deserves support.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns and ramblings.

If you would like to join us for our Fur 'n' Feather event please click this link.


Janie Thistle

We are so lucky there is Saints Rescue and blessed with the people who care for these precious animals ❤️ Don't ever give up hope 🙏. I wish I could help personally but I will keep u in my prayers. Thank u and know how appreciated u are ❤️🐾🥰