My Story

Meet Annabelle

Annabelle, at 21 years of age, developed a very painful condition called uveitis in her left eye. She also had very reduced vision in her right eye. At about the same time she was diagnosed, her family had to move to property where they were not allowed horses. They found themselves faced with the heart wrenching decision of either putting their horse down or doing the surgery but having to board her afterward, which was both unfair and unaffordable.

Options for Annabelle were few. SAINTS was contacted and our staff went to meet Annabelle. She is a very sweet, gentle, friendly Pony of the Americas with lots of life left in her. After much discussion we agreed to accept Annabelle, knowing she is almost completely blind and that she may or may not transition well into sanctuary life. We however have hope. We want to give Annabelle the chance. We have had a few weeks to plan and rearrange before Annabelle arrived. Although Annabelle is still in recovery we hope soon she will be able to settle into a routine.

Welcome to SAINTS Annabelle! You don’t need eyes to see how much you are loved already.

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