My Story

Charlotte and her brother, Wilbur (RIP), started out as so many pigs do. They were bred in the factory farm industry and sold at auction to be raised for meat.

The conditions in which they were living, in the first while after being sold auction, were reported to the BCSPCA and Charlotte and Wilbur were rescued and taken in to SPCA custody. When there was space at SAINTS for these two very large porcines, they were brought over to be boarded temporarily.

Their journey then brought them over to the island where it was thought that a perfect home had been found for them. Unfortunately though, as well intentioned as all the humans were, Charlotte and Wilbur didn't get along with other animal residents at this new place. So they came back to SAINTS, where it was finally determined to be their forever home.

That was all the way back in 2011, and Wilbur has since sadly passed away. But Charlotte lives on, and lights up everyone's lives with her peaceful (though stubborn) demeanor and kind wise expressions.