My Story

Chewie, born 2016, came to SAINTS when his owners were moving to the other side of the country.

It can be scary to move around to new places. But brave Chewie didn't have to be scared because he came to SAINTS with his pals Mabel and Beanie... AND when he got here he was reunited with his old friend Rupert and all of the other Saintly Crew he'd met a few years earlier.

You see, Chewie had already been at SAINTS when he was just a wee kid. During the wildfires of 2017, he and his farm pals took refuge on the SAINTS farm until the the all clear was sounded for them to go back home to their place in the Interior.

But now SAINTS is home to them all, and that is a-okay with us!

💜 Sponsored by Justus and Gabe Joseph 💜

Every animal, given the right home, could be placed in foster care or adopted. To find out if one of our animals could be a fit for you, please email to start a conversation.