My Story

Chewy came to SAINTS for medical treatment of deep and infected wounds all over his little body, inflicted by dogs or coyotes while he was boarding at a farm, and then for the necessary convalescing time thereafter. He stayed for a long time in the MP room in a special area, getting treated.

Once Chewy was healed up and feeling better, he was moved out to the barnyard area. And that's when it was evident that though physical wounds can heal, psychological ones are harder to resolve.

Chewy's attack left him with a bit of an odd streak, meaning that he will sometimes wreak havoc on innocent things lying around - wheelbarrows, hoses, gates, food bowls... or a perfectly good set of kneecaps. But then you find him cutely curled up in a hay dish, all wrongs are erased.

Chewy spends his days in the barnyard hanging out with his pals, Emily, Chevy, Ziggy, Rupert, and Winston. In 2020 he sadly lost his best friend, Doc (RIP), with whom he was part of a most excellent duo as shown in the below video.