My Story

Clover was transferred to SAINTS in 2016 with her Mom, Airabelle (RIP).

SAINTS first heard about a hoarding situation in Inuvik back in October 2016. NWTSPCA contacted us to see if we could take in two of the many dogs they had removed. We were asked to take the two oldest females. The ones who had pumped out the puppies. Enter the beloved (and greatly missed) Airabelle and her sweet and shy daughter Clover.

When Airabelle passed away, Clover was heartbroken. While she'd learned to trust select members of SAINTS' staff, Airabelle had been her True North - the one who could make everything okay. To help ease her pain and lonliness, Clover was bonded to Ella, and they became quite good friends - and still are.

In 2018 the NWTSPCA was finally able to remove the very last two dogs from that awful situation. Vera and Nadia are strongly bonded, under-socialized young girls, likely daughters or possibly grand-daughters of either Airabelle or Clover.

While Airabelle can never be replaced, Clover now has her very own family plus new bestie Ella, and life at SAINTS has turned out pretty good. The Northern girls are strongly bonded together and enjoy special field time and walks with the select few special humans who have earned their trust.

Clover is a transfer from a NWT rescue. Sponsored by Mimie Tang , and by Priscilla and Rob