Rescue Journal

The really broken ones...the lifers.

Carol  ·  May 4, 2018

Clover, Nadia and Vera are terrified of everything and everyone. They are terrified everywhere, except on their very small island of safety. Their very few designated staff and volunteers are their friends, their home is their castle, the lower field and pond is their playground. They are happy with so much less because any more to them is just too much, too hard, too terrifying to endure. The chance of them ever living in the real world, an expanded world are slim.

Oscar, our snarling, biting freak out has long moments of calmness and sweetness. but a dog who needs kevlar gloves to protect human hands that touch him will never be safe in the outside world.

Diesel, so many people think that they want him, who wouldn't? He is an adorable and often funny old english bulldog. But his anger management issues make him a danger and his rage episodes are not always predictable.

Big Bear, a blind diabetic, with as of yet undiagnosed skin disorder that has our vets baffled. Bear is truly unsafe with all other animals. So much so that we had to build him his own Big Bear door to go out for walks so he is never near any other animals.

Chickie and Charley our two little crippled chickens who need to be kept safe.

The diabetic, irritable bowel, incontinent, very shy cats who live in the medical room along with a very spoiled turtle and a once starved and abandoned pot belly pig who is now an indoor princess...
no one's idea of adoptable, no one's idea of anyone's perfect pets. These are the ones without any options who in traditional shelters, simply fall thru the cracks.

It is odd, these guys are so broken, in some ways so utterly wrecked and yet to us they are just our normally very quirky friends. We learn to live and work around them, what buttons to avoid pushing, what things make them happy, what they need to feel and actually be safe and happy within our care. We manage their surroundings, we manage their idiosyncrasies, we manage their day to day lives so they have as much possible fun and freedom as they possibly can.

The MP building animals are certainly some of our most challenging but also some of our most precious. They are at SAINTS for very good reasons, mostly because despite a great big and very diverse world out there, there was no place that they fit. They are the odd shaped puzzles pieces that can't blend in with the whole. At SAINTS each of their broken pieces created a mosaic of a yet beautifully different kind of animal world.