My Story

Fancy is a snuggly girl who really loves pets. She's a bit shy
sometimes, and doesn't always ask for attention, but is grateful to
receive it whenever it's gently offered. She's such a doll!

Fancy came to SAINTS in 2018, sadly surrendered by a family who loved her dearly.

There were a couple of circumstances at play which led to Fancy's surrender: 1) Housing. It's very difficult in BC to find rental housing that will accommodate pets. 2) Fancy had been declawed by a previous owner which left her feet very sensitive and created an understandable aversion to the feel of kitty litter. As such, Fancy was not great at making use of a litter box.

With nowhere else to turn, and her family desperate to find a safe and happy home for her, Fancy was accepted in to the fold at SAINTS. Here, "pee outside of the box" cats, like Fancy, have their needs met just like any other cats. Pee pads? Blankets? Someone to just come in and quickly clean up any accidents? Sure, we've got all that covered if that's what is needed. As a result, sweeties like Fancy can live a happy and enriching life.

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