My Story

Johnny Cash came to us with huge orthopedic issues. He has a back leg that was broken and healed so badly that his back leg is crooked. The vet had recommended letting Johnny Cash do normal doggie things at SAINTS and then revisit doing a surgery.

The video below shows why the SAINTS staff decided not to go ahead with a surgery. He is obviously on pain medication that works cuz that has been his medical therapy while at SAINTS. Doesn’t he look like he is ready to take on the world?

Here are a few facts about Johnny that need to be considered before applying for him. He is a BIG dog (140 lbs. to be exact) and will eventually need a hip lifter. He needs a house that has carpeting to help him with grip, a floor with no stairs, and YEA he is house trained. This guy is playful, fun, good on and off leash (although he can pull when he sees something exciting). Johnny is selective about his canine companions.

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Mastiff Extra Large Male Adult Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn Short Coat Spayed / neutered