My Story

Mia was originally a member of a family with four young children. Unfortunately the 'busy' environment was not good for Mia, and she was anxious and reacted by hiding all the time and generally fearful.

Her family tried everything that their vet suggested, to help Mia come out of her shell and be comfortable, but to no avail.

So Mia came to SAINTS. Here she took a little while to adjust to communal cat life, but ultimately found it suited her better than little kid life, and she eventually settled right in and made herself at home.

Now that she's more comfortable, Mia's sweet personality has surfaced and it bubbles over. She loves her leisurely life, lounging on her favourite top perch where she can nap peacefully or keep watch on all the comings and goings. She's super affectionate as well - always eager for pats and cuddles and willl often reach out with her little paws to return the favour.