My Story

Mia originally belonged to a family with four young children, but the bustling environment proved to be too overwhelming for her. She became anxious, constantly hiding, and generally fearful despite all efforts from her family and vet to help her adjust.

Eventually, Mia found her way to SAINTS, where she initially took some time to adapt to communal cat life. However, she soon discovered that this environment suited her much better than her previous home with children. Gradually, Mia settled in and made herself at home.

Now comfortable in her new surroundings, Mia's sweet and affectionate personality has blossomed. She enjoys a leisurely life, often found lounging on her favorite top perch where she can nap peacefully or observe the activities around her. Mia is incredibly affectionate as well, always eager for pats and cuddles, and she isn't shy about reaching out with her little paws to reciprocate affection.

💜 sponsored by Sandi Kornelsen, and Pepe, Mimi, and Pixie 💜

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