My Story

Snowman was put on a stock truck in Alberta and shipped to the auction in BC, with a note attached that said "hope he gets a good home."

He is about 15 yrs old and fully blind. It must have been a terrible journey for him. Snowman was rescued from the meat auction by Julie from J&M Acres.

He needed a good home so Julie asked if he could come here. With Raven's recent passing, we had a space for him. So one day a bunch of our really great volunteers came out in the cold and rain to help us set up a safe and comfortable transitional spot for him.

It is hard to imagine the kind of strength it takes for a blind horse to lose his home, end up on a long haul stock truck, and end up at an auction where the air itself is choked with other creatures terror and fear. Or to imagine the strength it took to get back into a trailer twice more, once to Julie's and then to here. Never knowing where he was going going, or if he would be safe.

And then, at the end, never knowing how long it will be before he has to leave this newest place. Well, he will never have to leave the SAINTS family. We will be his forever home and make sure that he is loved and cherished always.

Sadly, in his short time at SAINTS, Snowman suffered a terrible loss of his very best friend, Frost. Frost had been brought to SAINTS in February 2020. She was briefly a pal of Snowman's at J&M and when we had room she was brought over too, to keep Snowman company and ease his anxiety. The loss of her was devastating for our sweet boy. Snowman is a horse who needs the company of another in order to feel secure and to understand his surroundings better. While Frost could never truly be replaced, for Snowman or us, we were very happy to welcome Blackie soon after and we all fell in love with her. She and Snowman now share space together and they get along great.

The video below is of the reunion of Snowman and Frost.