My Story

Wiggy is full of sass and will definitely entertain you!

For the most part, Wiggy tolerates other cats, but does not seem to care much for kids or dogs. She likes to jump on your shoulders and be carried around that way.

Wiggy can be a bit standoffish, she is not a cat that wants to snuggle on your lap. Wiggy prefers to be left alone, and will come for affection on her terms (you may get a quick wack if you displease her highness). But when she does decide it's cuddle time, she is very affectionate and may even jump up on your shoulders to get extra close.

Update: Wiggy passed away on March 14th, 2021, after experiencing medical distress from a virus. Despite our vets' best efforts, she could not be saved. Wiggy will be greatly missed by her many human and animal friends at SAINTS.

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Domestic Long Hair Small Female Senior Buff / Tan / Fawn Long Coat House-trained Spayed / neutered