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Revolving Rescue

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2021

Cocoa Puff, Tippy, Brooklyn and Whiggy are gone, and coming in are Mouse, Caspar , Darla and a new cat (not yet here) whose name I have forgotten. It just never stops, for each loss, a new win. At least we pray for wins, which means the new animals feel as loved and safe and well taken care of as the ones we lost.

But there is a process to this, we must go thru their bewilderment, their upside down feeling, their uncertainty of what they now face. It is a tricky time for us all..we must be present and available, we must not push or make them feel more uncomfortable, we must respect their pain while offering them solace if they so choose.

So far it is working, each is getting more and more comfortable. They see us as islands in their storms and not as waves buffeting their frightened and anxious shores.

It is the first week or so that determines their ultimate view, so far so good.

Each of them sweet and gentle creatures choosing how to best is a quiet yet stressful time for them as they consider this new world. Consistency, kindness and respect will help them get thru.

Welcome new Saints, we will be here, waiting for you.



So sorry about your recent losses Carol. It is never easy. Take good care of yourselves.

You mention that 3 new dogs are coming in. Would any of them be small? Mouse perhaps? If so and when they are ready for adoption, and if you think it would be a good fit, I would be interested in adopting one. At this stage in his life, I don’t think another respectful little dog would bother Jimmy as he sleeps most of the time, even when the neighbour’s dog visits.

Thanks again, Carol, staff and volunteers for all you are doing. Saints is a very special place for both animals and for humans