My Story

Cocoa is a small little black guy with a bit of white but he has incredible eyes…perfectly round and wide like a deer in headlights. He has been at SAINTS since 2010.

Cocoa has been through a lot. He had a wonderful family, who loved him very much, but he developed crystals in his urine. While his family tried to deal with this, things just went from bad to worse. Diet change did not work, and multiple unblockings were performed when he obstructed….he had two surgeries to re-route his urethra so he wouldn’t keep obstructing.

So the problem of obstructing crystals was somewhat solved. the new opening was big enough for most crystals and small stones to come out. But a new problem arose…Cocoa was now a constantly urine leaking cat and the leaking could not be controlled. His family tried to make do…keeping Cocoa confined in one room, trying to get him to wear diapers, anything and everything to balance everyone's quality of life in the home - including Cocoa's.

Cocoa wasn’t happy being confined and he absolutely loathed being diapered. His young family could no longer afford the high cost of his medical care, and their stress from things going from bad to worse without the hope for miracle cure was adding up too.

So Cocoa came to SAINTS, and he'll be a permanent sanctuary cat here for all of his days. Because these kind of issues are exactly what SAINTS was born to handle, here he is not a cat who has urine problem. He's just Cocoa, and we all love him for it. He spends his days lounging in the communal cat area of the main house. Inside on a bed of his choice? Sure! Outside in the safe cat enclosure? Yep! Whenever he feels like it. No confinement here, and no diapers! Cocoa is a pretty happy boy.